25. November 2019

Ergonomics prize – we won!

We have reason to celebrate!

As part of the 6th Days of Ergonomics, which took place at Montfort Castle on Lake Constance, envirogroup was awarded the Ergonomics Prize for outstanding product developments in the field of „hand-held tools“ for the development of the innovative „ZeroTape®“ packing tape system.

The development of adhesives and backing materials has continued to evolve to meet the ever-increasing demands of users, especially in international production and trade. Packing tape is still the most important and most used packaging aid in the field of transport packaging.

In contrast, the development of unwinders could not keep up with this trend. As a result of e-commerce and changing trading conditions, the flood of loading units and parcels produced is increasing every day. Especially in the logistics departments of large mail order companies, the unfavourable ergonomics of conventional dispensers cause massive problems in the area of the hand, elbow and shoulder muscles of the employees. envirogroup has recognised this problem and developed a completely new type of hand dispenser, which was very successfully launched on the market under the name „ZeroTape®“. The completely new packaging tape system is characterised by an enormous improvement in ergonomics, as the user’s wrists are subjected to up to 75% less strain than with conventional dispensers. The development of corresponding adhesive tape systems with considerably longer running metres means that the rolls need to be changed three times less, and the required storage space is also reduced to a third.

With the development and conception of the new packing tape system „ZeroTape®“ it has been possible to achieve an excellent packing result with less muscle power, i.e. a packing result that is efficient for the company while at the same time improving employee satisfaction. This was confirmed in a scientific study by the Department of Work Science/Ergonomics at the University of Siegen, with which envirogroup is in a lively transfer of knowledge and practice, and was substantiated at the Bodensee Congress in a contribution by Dr. Penzkofer.

A 25% reduction in weight contributes to the ergonomics or improved handling, as does a safety knife, which prevents wear and tear of the blades during the usual handling of the dispensers in everyday work and greatly reduces the risk of injury.

The improved ergonomics are complemented by a comfortable handling, which is noticeable e.g. by a ventilated handle system and easier changing of the castors.

The renowned Ergonomics Competence Network (ECN) as organizer and awarding body pursues the goal of promoting science, research and education in connection with the exchange of know-how in the field of ergonomics and work science. The winners of the Ergonomics Award are selected by an independent jury of experts. In the category „Hand-held tools“, the award is given to products that have been designed in such a way that people in the target group can use the product optimally.

In recognition of its outstanding importance for the packaging departments of many companies, this year’s award went to envirogroup in Haiger.

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