15. Januar 2020


It’s happening, the second model is here! Today we introduce our new ZeroTape dispenser CLASSIC. This model also offers all the well-known ZeroTape advantages in addition to the modern design, which will benefit the user:

ergonomic: gentle on the wrist due to 75 % less wrist stretching

high performing: 3 x less roll changes, 3 x less storage space

light: 25 % less weight compared to conventional dispensers

safe: easy blade change due to new click system and safety toothed blade

comfortable: ventilated handle, robust housing, quiet rolling

unique: due to special roll core, no more wrong insertion of the roll possible

The arrangement of the handle was developed in cooperation with the University of Siegen. Thus the handle is ideally positioned to ensure ergonomic working.

The new model is also available in two colours.

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