For easy production of 1 and 2-ply environmentally friendly paper pads.

ProtectPaper paper machine from envirogroup
PortectPaper paper cushioning machine for sustainable package cushioning

Extremely fast paper padding machine

With the ProtectPaper® system you can very efficiently, directly on site, produce high-quality and at the same time environmentally friendly paper padding yourself in seconds.

The required number of pieces as well as the length of the individual cushions can be individually adapted to your needs using the recipe mode. Thus, you can produce the padding material individually for each package or you use the system centrally and produce padding material in stock.

At 0.9 m/s, ProtectPaper® is the fastest paper cushioning machine for 2-ply paper, guaranteeing you maximum productivity at the packing station! The ProtectPaper® system is available as a stand-alone unit or also as an under-counter unit and can thus be ergonomically adapted to your workplace.

Paper cushion Protect Paper in use