Do more for the environment with less film

We help you to protect the environment, increase pallet stability , reduce costs and save time by using less stretch film

4 SMART Process - Achieving more with less film



4 SMART process

Our packaging specialists optimize your packaging process with the 4-SMART-PROCESS safely, quickly and sustainably to achieve these 4 important goals:

  1. Less environmental impact
  2. Less risk
  3. Less costs
  4. Less time investment

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Stretch film savings 0 kg corresponds to 0 Pallets
CO2eqsavings of 0 kg correspond to the annualCO2eq sequestrationof 0 Trees

4-SMART process

The 4-SMART process consists of these steps, in which we develop your individual packaging solution together with you.

Smart scan packaging optimization envirogroup


4 questions and a short meeting form the basis of our cooperation.

Smart concept packaging optimization envirogroup

SMART concept

Your status quo will be analyzed together and you will receive your individual optimization concept.

Smart Check Packaging Optimization envirogroup


We test the optimization measures directly on-site at your plant.

Smart track packaging optimization envirogroup


You will receive continuous checks of film consumption as well as load unit stability.

Stretch film optimization at Hochwald Foods

Protecting the environment with less stretch film, increasing pallet stability, reducing costs and saving time. These are the 4 goals that our packaging specialists achieve with the help of the 4-SMART process. 

Our packaging optimizers have successfully carried out the 4-SMART process at the Hochwald Group. You can see the result in our video.


Certificate: Sustainable use of packaging

After successful optimization, we will be happy to issue you with a certificate for sustainable packaging use. Show your employees, partners and customers at a glance the enormous material andCO2eq-savings you make your contribution to the environment. An effective way to draw attention to your company's environmental record and tangible proof that you are living sustainability with your company!

Germany's only Mobile Test Center for Load Security

In recent years, we have not only developed innovative packaging solutions but also launched forward-looking consulting services and service offerings on the market.

With the Mobile Test Center we test your loading units on your premises. We will analyze your status quo and identify optimization potentials to improve your load safety.

over 30 million KG CO2 savings in the consumption of stretch film

Less environmental impact

Thanks to the special composition of the highest-quality raw materials, our innovative high-performance stretch film significantly reduces the amount of material used.

Use of recyclable materials

Our high-quality stretch films are a valuable raw material in the recycling value chain and can be 100% recycled.

A Closed
Climate concept

The reduction of material usage, a climate neutral delivery and the 100% recyclability of our high performance stretch film creates a closed loop to protect our environment.

Improving the
carbon footprint

Due to the lower material input, less stretch film is produced from fossil raw materials. Approx. 2.6 kg of CO2 are emitted for the production of 1 kg of stretch film. In addition, CO2 emissions from packaging logistics are significantly reduced.

Co2 neutral
stretch film

On request we deliver our stretch films climate neutral. You thus support important climate protection projects and receive a certificate for the proof of CO2 compensation with your delivery.

Less risk

Optimum transport protection through innovative high-performance stretch films that are tailored to your products and processes. This guarantees that your goods arrive safely at your customers.

containment force

Due to the composition of up to 55 layers, our high-performance stretch film offers maximum containment force, thus your load units are secured throughout the entire transport route.

Loading units

With our high-performance stretch film, extremely stable load units can be formed with little material input. The load unit stability can be proven on site with a tilt test (up to 27 degrees).

Test center for loading unit testing

On request, we check whether your loading units comply with the current national and European directives. In addition to static inclination tests at your site, we offer you extensive dynamic tests as well as driving simulations together with our partners.

Less costs

Due to the enormous material savings, you significantly reduce your operating costs.

Reduce packaging costs

Based on test reports, we determine the exact cost savings per wrapped pallet, per stretching line, and total savings per year, analogous to the material savings. Cost savings of over €100,000 per year have been achieved for our major customers.

Reduce process costs

Due to the puncture-resistant high-performance stretch film, there are significantly fewer film breaks. Due to the high yield, significantly fewer roll changes are required in the stretching systems. In addition, handling costs in the areas of ordering, storage, transport, and personnel are significantly reduced.

Reduce handling costs

Due to the high load unit stability, transport and thus product damage are avoided. This significantly reduces complaint and logistics costs.

Less time investment

Save valuable time through increased packing performance and an optimized packing process.

Process optimization

By using our high-performance stretch film, there are fewer film breaks and your packaging process runs safely and stably. Thus, your employees can take care of their actual tasks.

Save time

Fewer roll changes and fewer film breaks result in significant time savings in your production. The stable load units greatly reduce the workload on your logistics department.