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Two different dispensers from the ZeroTape packing tape system


Ergonomic packaging

More and more companies are realizing that investing in a more ergonomic way of working pays off across the board...

zerotape dispenser close-up


rPET packaging tape ZeroTape®- The sustainable packaging tape solution

Many companies have transitioned to paper tape in order to pack plastic-free, often because paper tape has this unique, sustainable look....

Adhesive tape dispenser close-up


PP adhesive tape and PVC adhesive tape in comparison

For many consumers, all tape is created equal. But especially between PP and PVC packing tape there is a clear difference to mention...

The ergonomic ZeroTape dispenser


Why ZeroTape® is also worthwhile for many companies in terms of price

With the patented ZeroTape® system, only high-quality packaging tapes with in-house special adhesive are produced...