Secure, stable and efficient packaging, while not losing sight of the environment and its resources.


For many years now, our name has been synonymous with our mission - we are Enviro Group, and we protect the environment. Not only do we help our customers to relieve the burden on our planet through our innovative solutions, but we also actively participate in this ourselves. Whether it's in production, daily office routines, or special actions like planting trees behind our company building, environmental protection accompanies everything we do. 

Environmentally friendly tape production

We are particularly proud of our ZeroTape® packaging tape system: No other tape system has been able to do without core waste so completely. Instead of using more and more new cardboard cores, as is the case with conventional packaging tape, we can use the cores returned by our customers and feed them back into production. Not only does this eliminate waste for the customer, it also makes the entire production process more sustainable. Clearly, the more customers use ZeroTape® and return their cores, the fewer new cores we need and the more sustainably we can produce.  

Additionally, due to the smaller core, we can fit more meters of tape on a single roll, resulting in a significant reduction in the total number of cores needed. While traditional packing tape requires more than 15 cores per kilometer of tape, we have gone down to 5 – an incredible reduction.

"Reforesting local forests" campaign

From the windows of our modern office, we overlook the vast landscapes of the Hessian forest, experiencing every day the precious and fragile beauties of nature. However, over the past few years, we have all witnessed how the enjoyment of this magnificent view has been marred. Hot summers come and go, bringing swarms of bark beetles - and what remains are barren brown spots where mighty pine trees once stood, providing a verdant sanctuary for mankind and wildlife alike.

Thus, we took the only effective measure as a company and started planting trees. With a grand kick-off during our 40th-anniversary celebration, we planted 100 trees together with our employees in the immediate vicinity of our company headquarters. Since then, we have offered all our customers the opportunity to actively participate in the campaign - for example, by planting 10 trees for every delivered pallet of stretch film or by selecting the option "Yes, I want to plant a tree" when ordering from our online shop. Our commitment to the environment naturally depends on the support of our customers. Together, we can achieve great things and we are full of hope that we shall, once again, enjoy healthy, local forests in the not-so-far future.

Our environmentally friendly headquarters

Our headquarters can be found in the commercial center on the beautiful Kalteiche near Haiger. It is the center of all our activities and thus naturally also the brain of our sustainability. 

So it goes without saying that sustainability and environmental friendliness were our special focus even in the planning phase of the building. Our headquarters was built from the ground up using low-energy construction methods and is heated 100% by geothermal energy. This makes our building an excellent place to work, while the environment also benefits - a clear win-win situation.


Certificate about the DIN ISO 14001 certification of the Enviro Group in Haiger

We regularly plan, implement, control and correct our measures to strengthen environmental protection and promote sustainability. Therefore, we are even more pleased that our environmental management is now DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 certified.