Do more for the environment with optimal filling material

We help you to protect the environment with less filling and padding material, to optimally protect your goods, to reduce costs and to save time.

We optimize your filling & padding material use

We analyze your filling/cushioning material usage, work out the optimal solution taking into account your individual needs so that your goods reach your customers perfectly protected. Here, environmental protection, goods safety, costs and process are always at the forefront of our considerations.

Filling material optimization


The optimum balance of transport safety and sustainability was also achieved by our packaging optimizers at Queisser Pharma. Thanks to the clear focus on sustainability at Queisser Pharma, we were able to optimize precisely and integrate the optimal product into the packaging processes.

You can see the impressive result in the video.

Environmental protection

Protect the environment by using sustainable filling/cushioning materials that are optimally suited to your application.


By using the right filling materials, your goods will be safely protected during transport to your customers.

maximum cost savings

Save operational costs and cost per package by using the optimal filler/cushioning material.

Process optimization

Save valuable time by using the right filling / cushioning system and increase your packing performance.


A cardboard box is filled using a cushioning material machine


Optimize the transport protection of your goods: By using the right filling or cushioning material, your goods will reach their destination safely and in an environmentally friendly manner. Your packages are securely fixed in the packaging and protect your goods against impacts like an airbag.

Packaging analysis

Damage to goods during transport regularly leads to customer complaints! Our experts analyze your packaging situation and identify problems.

Special attention is paid to break resistance and resource conservation when using environmentally friendly filling and padding materials.

Due to our great variability in the field of filling and padding materials, the optimal transport protection is created to secure your goods.

Maximum cost savings

After analyzing your packaging situation, our packaging experts will prepare a test report with the most suitable filling and cushioning materials for your purposes, paying particular attention to cost, user-friendliness and sustainability.

Cost saving / test report

The result of the packaging analysis is the identification of potentially problematic areas and the development of an optimal packaging solution for your application. By using the right filling or cushioning component, packaging material consumption can be reduced or the material currently in use can be replaced with less expensive and more environmentally friendly solutions.

This leads to a long-term reduction in costs and a measurable increase in returns.

Man calculates the cost savings on the laptop
Packing station in the warehouse

Less operational costs

In addition to analyzing and selecting the optimal filling or cushioning material for the specific application, we develop individual integration solutions that are completely tailored to your requirements profile. These are compact solutions for transport protection that integrate ergonomically and reliably into your logistics process. With overhead installations, roll containers or mobile table solutions, we offer a variety of integration solutions that sustainably reduce your process costs.

Higher customer satisfaction

By using the optimum packing or cushioning material for the application, your goods are optimally protected during transport and reach their destination safely. This reduces your complaint and customer service costs and ensures follow-up orders.

Picking packages with air cushion in the warehouse
The efficient air cushion machine produces air cushion for packaging by the meter

Process optimization

By using the most suitable filling/cushioning system for your purposes, you increase your packing performance, as well as your packing result. This measurably improves the effectiveness and efficiency of your shipping department.

One of the fundamental problems of e-commerce and shipping goods is packaging waste. Air cushions from Enviro Group are the solution! Packaging with air - it could hardly be more environmentally friendly. With our packaging systems you automatically decide to protect our environment as well. Because 99 % air and only 1 % film component mean, on balance: almost 100 % relief. Crumple the film, let the air out and return it to the cycle as a recyclable material. In this way, air cushions save your customers a lot of packaging waste! And you yourself have less work at the packing stations and occupy less storage space. You don't need to store containers with Styrofoam filler pieces or packaging chips; instead, you produce the air cushions with a machine at the packing station, saving space. Tear off the air cushion, secure the goods, optimally packaged!

easy operation of the air cushion machine