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Welcome to the Packaging Solution Center- the place where everything that makes us envirogroup comes together.

This is where the expertise of our packaging optimizers and load unit securing experts meets customers and partners and creates space for packaging synergies. At the Packaging Solution Center, we test, check, analyze, evaluate and train in order to subsequently develop and implement solutions for individual challenges. A day at the Packaging Solution Center is a multifaceted experience. In addition to the practical transfer of specialist knowledge, you can experience innovative packaging solutions on your own goods. Whether filling, cushioning, sealing, palletizing or wrapping - all aspects of successful transport packaging have their place at the Packaging Solution Center. We take care of your load units and work with you to develop an optimum concept based on your requirements.

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Interesting modules in which we take care of your loading units:

We will introduce you step by step to the world of stretch film. This includes:

  • Detailed explanation of how stretch film works using practical examples
  • Overview of test methods
  • Optimization options
  • Certification of load units
  • Features of high-performance films

We test, analyze and evaluate the actual condition of your loading units. This includes

  • Dynamic test on the acceleration bench (test method according to EUMOS 40509)
  • Measuring the containtment force
  • Recording the film consumption
  • Tilt test

We document the current situation in detail in an inspection report.

We test your stretch film on a state-of-the-art stretch film testing system. The following aspects are tested:

  • Stretchability
  • Puncture resistance
  • Cling/smoothness
  • Cross stiffness
  • Unwinding noise
  • Actual lenght
  • Load capacity of the film under different unwinding speeds
  • Fluctuations in quality

Together, we create an individual optimization concept for your loading unit. This includes

  • Film thickness & type
  • Packing scheme and wrapping pattern
  • Pre-stretching and tension
  • Any loading aids such as edge protectors or intermediate layers

We implement the optimization concept and compare the result achieved with the original condition using the test report, including images and videos.

Our expert for load unit securing will give you an expert introduction to the legal framework for load unit and load securing. This includes

  • Clarification of terms
  • Standards for securing load units
    • Active forces
    • EUMOS 40509, DIN 55415, other standards
    • Test method for determining load unit stability
  • Legal basis
    • StVO, HGB, OWiG
    • DGUV
    • EU Directive 2014/47
    • Possible legal consequences

We use practical examples to explain how the settings on the stretch wrapper affect load unit securing.

This includes:

  • Reasons for adjusting the wrapper settings
  • Effects of adjusting the pre-stretching
  • Effects of adjusting the tension. 
  • Preventive measures

Once we have optimized your load units in the Packaging Solution Center, it is possible to have them certified in accordance with EUMOS 40509, for example. Our expert issues a certificate attesting to the conformity of the load unit. This allows you to reproduce the exact result of our optimization later in your own warehouse.

Pallet securing with stretch film
  • Fully automated stretching line
  • Stretch Film Lab
  • Load unit tests
  • Film Performance Tester Material Testing
  • Tilt tests according to DIN 55415
  • Acceleration tests
  • Innovative and newly developed stretch films and systems
  • Load unit certification
Efficient packing tape solutions
  • Laboratory tests
  • Material thickness tests according to DIN EN 1942/2008
  • Adhesive strength tests according to DIN EN 1939/2003
  • Long-term stress tests
  • Pull-off tests according to both DIN standard and AFERA standard
  • Innovative and ergonomic adhesive tape systems
  • Newly developed sustainable packaging tapes
Optimal filling and padding solutions
  • Analysis of the use of filling and padding material
  • Cushionig material optimization
  • Filling material optimization
  • Sustainable paper cushioning systems
  • Individually configurable air cushion systems

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