Our adhesive tape laboratory

Qualified packing tape quality tests

Ensuring consistent packaging tape quality

In order to meet our very high quality standards, our Packaging Solution Center is equipped with a fully-fledged adhesive tape laboratory. Here we can test packaging tapes for adhesive strength and tear resistance in accordance with current standards and thus carry out independent material tests. This enables us not only to guarantee the consistent quality of our high-quality packaging tapes, but also to determine the perfect tape for specific requirements. In addition, all new adhesive tape products are of course thoroughly checked and tested by us before they are included in our range.

Our state-of-the-art adhesive tape test bench with vertical ball screw drive in a compact linear guide is designed for a tensile and compressive force of up to 1,000N and is calibrated in accordance with DIN EN ISO 7500-1:2018-06 and DIN EN ISO 9513:2013-05. This allows us to carry out pull-off tests with the highest precision in accordance with AFERA (Association des Fabricants Européens de Rubans Auto-Adhésif/Association of European Manufacturers of Self-Adhesive Tapes) standards as well as DIN standards.

We also carry out a load test based on our own experience in the form of a suspension test in accordance with DB-60701C to determine the actual adhesive strength of tapes over longer periods of time.

On request, we can also analyze your packaging tape and provide you with optimization proposals that are perfectly tailored to your application.

Developing of our own adhesives

With the in-house development of the XHT-90 and IHB-120 adhesives, the optimum solution for all areas of application has been created.

Adhesive XHT90

All the positive properties of conventional adhesives are found in the new type of adhesive. In addition to the high initial tack (property of hotmelt), XHT-90 adhesive has very high aging and temperature resistance (property of acrylic adhesive) and bonds excellently at cold temperatures (property of natural rubber). XHT-90® is optimal for use on almost all cardboard surfaces and also exhibits excellent adhesive strength in other application situations. In addition, the adhesive is largely insensitive to UV radiation. Particularly in cold and warm temperatures, the adhesive is characterized by its durability and problem-free usability. The XHT-90 adhesive is thus one of the latest achievements in the packaging sector, which simultaneously reduces costs and improves packaging results.

The EnvoTape tape dispenser from envirogroup is used to seal a carton
laughing envirogroup employee stands in warehouse and closes a carton with a package dispenser from envirogroup

Adhesive IHB-120

"Immediate high bond 120 hours under pressure". Adhesive tapes have to meet different requirements in the packaging process. With IHB-120, we have developed an adhesive that goes far beyond the positive properties of conventional adhesives. IHB-120 is particularly suitable for the heaviest packages and guarantees exceptionally high initial tack. It is used in the food industry, in the frozen food sector as well as for regular parcel shipping over shorter distances. Due to its strong adhesive force, your cartons will remain securely sealed until they reach their destination. Especially on machine adhesive tapes the IHB-120 is often used.