Many years of experience with industry-specific packaging solutions

Packaging is used in almost every industry and the safe safe transportation of goods is a major and important issue. Each sector has its own specific requirements for transport packaging and, thanks to our many years of experience in many different sectors and industries, we are very familiar with a wide range of challenges typical to the sector. We are experts in what kind of goods behave how during transportation and what this means for optimum transport packaging.


food industry


Packaging materials in the food industry

Optimum transport packaging is essential, especially for foodstuffs where the highest hygiene standards must be maintained.

Securing loads on pallets


Load securing for freight forwarders

The job of freight forwarders is to transport loads from A to B - safely and reliably. For them, transport damage not only means trouble with broken goods, but also a direct risk to...


An industry-specific view of packaging is so important because nothing has a greater influence on pallet stability. pallet stability than the physical properties of the packaged goods. Whether bagged goods, canisters, bottles or cartons are on the pallet naturally has a major influence on the choice of packing scheme, packaging aids and the wrapping of the pallet.

Food and beverage industry

As a long-standing partner of well-known food and beverage manufacturers, we are very familiar with the requirements and needs of this industry and can very familiar and can and can provide precise advice and optimization. In addition to our experience in the industry, we have special products that we developed for use in the food industry. developed for use in the food industry.

Forwarding & Logistics

Load securing and transport safety has for freight forwarders and logistics naturally a high priority, because dur customers trust that their that their goods get safely from A to B. In addition to ergonomic packing conveyor systems, which increase packing performance while reducing muscular strain increase and fully integrated cushioning and filling systems, we can thanks to our unrivaled expertise in the field of stretch film optimization we can achieve the most secure load units with the least amount of material.