Packaging materials in the food industry

Food Packaging materials

In almost all industries and sectors, transport packaging is indispensable as it ensures the safety of goods on the road and rail. This is not only the case between production sites, but especially on the last few meters of the goods on their way to the customer. The sale is closed, all the details have been clarified and now it is paramount that the whole deal is not hindered by problems in transit. For foodstuffs that are sensitive or even perishable and for which the highest hygiene standards must be maintained, optimum and safe transport packaging is especially essential.

Years of experience in the industry

At envirogroup, we have been supporting companies in the food industry for years and are therefore very familiar with the circumstances, needs and challenges of transport packaging. Be it well-known beverage producers, dairies, manufacturers of frozen products or even delicatessen manufacturers and farms - the experience of our packaging optimizers covers all areas of the industry.

Food is diverse, and the physics of different products have a significant influence on packaging. Liquids such as milk, for example, develop completely different dynamics during transport than solid objects or bagged goods. This requires not only experience, expertise and outstanding packaging products, but also a great deal of sensitivity in order to perfectly match the packaging to the products.


What criteria must transport packaging for foodstuffs meet?

Legislation stipulates special requirements for packaging that comes into direct contact with food. These relate in particular to substances such as inks that are applied to the packaging. However, transport packaging is exempt from this, as it never comes into direct contact with food. However, transport packaging must not contain any substances that could be harmful even in indirect contact with food. Needless to say, our products meet all legal requirements and we can provide more detailed information if required.

Packaging products for the food industry

As part of our many years of experience in working with the food industry, we have developed a number of products that particularly meet the requirements of this sector. A very good example of this is our Envo Ice® machine tape. Thanks to its specially developed and modified adhesive, this machine adhesive tape is ideally suited for use in deep-freeze areas. During the development of the Envo Ice® adhesive, particular attention was paid to combining other positive aspects of various conventional adhesives into a true all-rounder in addition to its temperature resistance. As a result, EnvoIce® not only has excellent adhesive strength, which increases over time, but also a strong initial adhesion.

envo ice machine adhesive tape

Another product that was developed for special applications in the food sector is the so-called perforated film. This special form of stretch or wrapping film is perforated at regular intervals during production.

This ensures air circulation even when stretch-wrapped and prevents condensation. Fresh and warm products can be easily stretch wrapped with perforated film without causing heat build-up or the accumulation of condensation. Perforated film is also an excellent choice for goods that are stored for cooling, as the cooling process is accelerated by the air circulation. 


We at envirogroup are glad to assist companies in the food industry when it comes to optimizing their packaging. Thanks to our many years of experience at the side of well-known companies in the sector, and thanks to outstanding packaging products that meet the requirements of foodstuffs, you can put your packaging in safe hands with us.