Why don't you use less packaging material?

In packaging processes, less is usually more. We help you reduce material usage and improve your packaging results with innovative products.

Packaging optimization - achieving more with less material

Stretch film-

By using less stretch film, we help you to protect the environment, increase pallet stability, reduce costs and save time.

Optimize stretch film

Packing tape-

Increase your packing performance and packing results with innovative and ergonomic adhesive tape systems.

Optimize packing tape

Filling material-

By using less filling material, we help you to protect the environment, provide optimum protection for your goods, reduce costs and save time.

Optimize filling material

Sustainable packaging optimization

Optimize your packaging sustainably. With sustainable packaging optimization, you benefit from less environmental impact, less risk, less cost and less time. Our aim is for optimization to be constant. For this reason, we have developed the Smart Solution in the area of stretch films, for example. We ensure that optimization potentials are used permanently and do not just pay off temporarily and generate positive results. It is important to us that your individual packaging solution offers you lasting added value

Thanks to the significant material savings, operating costs can be reduced by can be reduced by up to 30 %. As a rule, our customers' annual savings are in the 5 to 6-digit range. In the last 3 years, enormous savings have been achieved for over 300 customers.

An optimized packaging process combines

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Protect nature through using less material and optimizing packaging processes.

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By improving packing results, your goods reach their destination safely.

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Reduce your packaging costs with optimal packing results.

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Save valuable time through increased packing performance and an optimized packing process.

Free Quick Check

Benefit from a free quick check on site. Our packaging experts analyze the status quo at your site and create an individual optimization proposal for you on this basis - free of charge!

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Qualified trainings

We offer qualified advice on the subject of load unit securing and load securing, both at our customer center in Haiger and at your premises. 

We would be happy to analyze your current situation and show you potential for optimization in order to improve your load safety.

Why packaging optimization is so important

Optimization is a word of our time. Never before has so much optimization potential been identified and exploited as today, and that is precisely our passion. Although many companies are excellent at optimizing production and administrative processes, we often have to witness how packaging is neglected in the process. Packaging optimization in particular deserves special attention. Very few companies are aware of the undiscovered optimization potential hidden in packaging and the added value that optimization brings.

Whether in the area of stretch film, adhesive tape, or filling materials - optimization always means that material savings and labor savings are achieved with at least the same level of packaging quality. This means that employees, the environment and the wallet are treated kindly without having to compromise on packaging quality. How does this work? Through the perfect interplay of high-performance products and in-depth specialist know-how. Because if you use a high-performance film for pallet stretching but don't know exactly how it works and how to set the wrapper, you can't optimize your packaging. And it is precisely this combination that we have mastered at Enviro Group and can thus draw on a high-quality product range and practical experience and expertise accumulated over many years.

We bring together the experts in the field of packaging optimization.