Stretch Film Info 

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simple click system on the Grip Systems stretch film dispenser


Ergonomic packaging

More and more companies are realizing that investing in a more ergonomic way of working pays off across the board...

Stretch film in black transparent, light blue and red


Stretch film alternatives

Disposable plastic materials continue to fall into disrepute as they are considered unsustainable. And since stretch films are made of plastic and...

Stretch film machine


Stretch film production

Here you will find an overview of the two different production methods for stretch films and the characteristics of the films produced using each process.

Film is wrapped around the pallet to stabilize the goods


Achieve more with less film

If you perfectly orchestrate the quality of the film and the correct application, you are guaranteed to achieve more with less film....

Ergonomic grip foil is wrapped around the pallet


GRIP® SYSTEMS - The stretch film system for more ergonomics at the workplace

Many companies already rely on the new GRIP SYSTEMS® hand stretch film system. The hand stretch films from GRIP inspire with many advantages compared to...

Warehouse worker wraps stretch film around a pallet


Standard vs. pre-stretched stretch film

Stretch films can already be pre-stretched or they must be stretched directly before stretching. Only films that are sufficiently stretched...