GRIP SYSTEM - The stretch film system for a more ergonomic workplace

Grip dispenser
01.03.2023 | Company News


Many companies already rely on the new GRIP hand stretch film system. The hand stretch films from GRIP convince with many advantages compared to conventional hand stretch films. Special attention is paid to the ergonomics of the film and the associated work relief for the user. The GRIP hand stretch film is optimally pre-stretched and can be wrapped around the pallet in a relaxed manner with the aid of the GRIP hand dispenser. No extra effort is required, which protects the muscles and especially the back of the user.

The film does not need to be additionally stretched afterwards either. Already during the processing of the film, it contracts and thus ensures maximum stability. Pre-stretching reduces the amount of material used and the increased strength of the film means that fewer windings are required.

In addition to lower CO2 emissions, the cost per wrapped pallet is reduced at the same time.

Did you know?

On average, 16 pallets can be stretch wrapped with one roll of GRIP hand stretch film. Standard hand stretch films, on the other hand, only manage an average of 10 pallets.


The GRIP hand dispenser ideally complements the many advantages of the film: The pallet is not wrapped with the GRIP dispenser walking backwards as usual. The user can walk forward while wrapping, which is much more pleasant and above all safer as well as more ergonomic. The handles of the unwinder make it very easy to handle. The GRIP stretch film dispenseris ideally suited to wrapping above head height and on the pallet foot. The weight is kept very low at just under 1.3 kg. Nevertheless, the hand dispenser is very robust and durable. With the twist-lock technology, the rolls can be changed in no time - downtime is thus avoided.

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