The new Kontrol 4.0 stretch wrapper monitoring system

Real-time monitoring of the overall performance of stretch wrappers


The fact that the settings of stretch wrappers are changed time and time again is a real problem for many companies, as this prevents consistent pallet stability. Whether caused by an employee with the best of intentions or a simple technical failure, changes to the wrapper settings always have a direct impact on pallet stability.

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With the new, innovative stretch wrapper control system Kontrol 4.0 you can easily and permanently monitor the settings and performance of your stretch wrapper.

Thanks to Kontrol 4.0 you can see all important data in real time at a glance and  the dynamic push notifications let you react quickly to changes to the settings,  in order to guarantee consistent film use and pallet stability.

Kontrol 4.0's intuitive, web-based live dashboard provides key insights into the performance of your stretch wrapper

With Kontrol 4.0, no matter where you are, you can not only see at a glance how many pallets are being wrapped, but also get an immediate overview of consumption, costs and CO2-emissions per pallet. In addition, events such as film breaks and wrapping data outside the individually defined tolerances are highlighted.

Kontrol 4.0 creates safety, transparency and analyzable data. While deviations in wrapping behavior were previously untraceable or even remained undetected, they are now revealed in real time and process reliability can be maintained. In addition, the overall performance of your stretch wrapper can be evaluated and analyzed thanks to exportable data in order to identify further potential for optimization

With Kontrol 4.0, your stretch wrapper finally enters the digital age and achieves optimum packaging results.