Why do you still experience transport damages?

With us, you can transport your goods safely and avoid high costs caused by inadequately secured pallets. We are specialists in pallet stability and load securing and secure your pallets optimally against transport damage.

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Germany's first and only Mobile Test Center!

In recent years, we have not only developed innovative packaging solutions but also launched forward-looking consulting services and service offerings on the market. Brand new: Germany's first and only Mobile Test Center.

We test your loading units in our Mobile Test Center at your site. We would be pleased to analyze your status quo and show you potential for optimization in order to improve your load security. In addition, we offer qualified advice on load unit and load securing. 

Load unit test
directly at your site

This saves a lot of transport to and from test centers, because the testing and optimization can take place almost simulatenously. Several tests can be made with different machine settings and products and the pallet stability can be further optimized based on the test results.

Nils Brusis in the Mobile Test Center of the envirogroup
Pallet stretched in the test truck of the envirogroup

The most important advantage is that the pallets for all tests are packed on the company's own packaging line and not at a test center. Different packing lines can deliver completely different packing results. With the mobile Test Center, each packing line can be tested individually on site.

See for yourself Germany's
first and only Mobile Test Center for pallet stability

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Equipped with the latest technology

Acceleration tests from 0.3G - 0.8G according to EU Directive 2014/47 can be performed on the acceleration bench, which was specially developed for our truck. We can test pallets with up to one ton total weight and 1.75 m pallet height.

modern software for measuring pallet stability
Equipment for measuring pallet stability inside the test truck

The tests are recorded and documented using a high-quality industrial camera. This can record up to 164 images with a resolution of 2.3 MB per second. This ensures that every movement of the load is recorded during the test.

With the specially developed software for the analysis of the load unit stability we detect according to EUMOS 40509: 

Elastic deformation

  • Layer displacement on the pallet and between layers
  • Deformations in primary/secondary packaging

Documentation and evaluation of the test results

The test tests we perform are all recorded and documented.

You receive this data with precise optimization suggestions on how to reduce material and process costs while ensuring high pallet stability.

Test of EnvoTape adhesive tape pallet goods in the mobile test center of the envirogroup
Test truck of the envirogroup from the inside

How secure are your loading units?

It all depends on the right packaging!

Many different criteria come into play when choosing the right packaging.
Nature of the goods, sensitivity of the goods, surfaces, sub-packaging, size, weight, means of transport, transport route and many more.

And how do the goods survive the transport route? Precise loading unit tests, e.g. in accordance with EUMOS 40509, provide information on this.

Protect the environment, increase pallet stability, reduce costs and save time

These are the goals that our packaging specialists achieve with the help of load unit inspection.

  • Increase pallet stability
  • Reduce transport damage
  • Optimize packaging

We would be pleased to come and visit you!

mobile test center phone number on test truck