Our stretch film testing facility

Material testing at the highest level and down to the smallest detail

Germany's most modern stretch film testing facility

In our Packaging Solution Center we have the most modern facility in Germany for testing stretch films and can therefore carry out a wide range of material and quality tests with extreme accuracy. These unique possibilities not only allow us to ensure continuous quality assurance and fast, targeted diagnosing of problems, but also open up completely new approaches in packaging optimization and development.

No two stretch film applications are the same and countless factors influence the choice of the right film. To ensure that this choice is well-founded and reliable, our stretch film testing facility enables us to precisely quantify all the properties of a stretch film so that we can compare them with the requirements. In addition to basic properties such as the general stretch potential, we determine the exact unwinding angle and resistance, the actual length of the roll, the unwinding noise and the load-bearing capacity in different stretch zones and at different unwinding speeds. We also carry out various puncture tests and can measure the cross-stiffness. In addition, the film is constantly photographed during the test so that all irregularities such as material concentrations (gels) and thin spots are visible. We can also precisely determine the adhesion/smoothness of films both in their original and stretched out state.

Thanks to this excellent equipment, we are able to precisely evaluate the films you are using and make appropriate recommendations. In the event of difficulties and full-blown problems with load unit securing, we can check whether your film is suitable for your application and define exactly which properties are optimal for your application.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to optimize your use of film in order to achieve the best results with the most suitable film and the lowest consumption.