Packaging technology

Technological innovations for precise optimizations


Working with the latest technology to package your goods optimally and safely is our top priority. This is because continuous technological development is constantly opening up new possibilities for us to analyze your packaging even more precisely, identify weak points even more accurately and optimize them with pinpoint precision.


Oure technological equipment includes prcise measurement technology, dynamic procedures for testing pallet stabilitystate-of-the-art equipment for the quality control of materials and intelligent monitoring systems for stretch wrappingn. These technological innovations complement the expertise of our packaging optimizers and enable us to to back up our optimizations and improvements with solid data. So you can be sure that all measures also have the desired effect.

Packaging Solution Center of the envirogroup Haiger

The heart of packaging optimization beats in our Packaging Solution Center

Here, all our expertise is combined under one roof with our technological equipment. We can find a solution for every challenge and every transport damage by precisely reproducing, testing and optimizing your packaging.

We can also put materials such as stretch films or adhesive tapes through their paces here to get an accurate picture of the actual product performance.

Mobile test center


With Germany's first and only mobile test center for pallet stability and load unit securing, we can test how pallets behave in the event of emergency braking on an acceleration track in accordance with EUMOS 40509. 

Whether at your premises or at our Packaging Solution Center - thanks to the Mobile Test Center, we can immediately test the roadworthiness of every optimization step.

Kontrol 4.0 technology

Kontrol 4.0


With Control 4.0 we bring stretching systems into the digital age and guarantee consistent pallet pallet stability. Thanks to the precise sensor technology, all data from the stretch wrappers are transmitted in real time so that any deviations warning messages can be issued immediately.

In this way, you can prevent changes to the settings from remaining undetected for too long and having a detrimental effect on the pallet stability have a detrimental effect.



The Packaging Solution Center offers not only far-reaching optimization possibilities also space for our practical training courses.

Here we give you and your staff deep insights into the world of stretch film and and load unit securing, convey legal framework conditions and demonstrate live what effects on the pallet stability Interventions in the wrapper settings have.

Testing & Certification

Thanks to our mobile test center and our expert for load unit securing, we are able to test and officially certify your load units in accordance with the European standard EUMOS 40509, provided that the limit values are complied with. This enables you to fulfill your duty of care with regard to load unit securing.

stretch film testing facility

Stretch filmTesting Facility 


We are the only packaging retailer in Europe with a state-of-the-art facility for testing stretch film materials.

This allows us to record all the important data of a stretch film in real time and thus make much more accurate comparisons to find the most suitable film for your application.

Adhesive tapeTest lab

In our adhesive tape laboratory, we put packaging tapes through their paces in accordance with AFERA and DIN guidelines.

Our adhesive tape test stand is calibrated in accordance with DIN EN ISO 7500-1:2018-06 and DIN EN ISO 9513:2013-05 and guarantees high-precision measurement results.