Practical immersion into the world of stretch film


In order to ensure smooth process reliability in your packaging processes, it is very important that the responsible personnel have the necessary specialist knowledge to be able to react correctly to unforeseen events. 

But even in everyday packaging, it is definitely an advantage to be familiar with certain basics of packaging physics.

Training modules

We will introduce you step by step to the world of stretch film. This includes:

  • Detailed explanation of how stretch film works using practical examples
  • Overview of test methods
  • Optimization options
  • Certification of load units
  • Features of high-performance films

Our expert for load unit securing will give you an expert introduction to the legal framework for load unit and load securing. This includes

  • Clarification of terms
  • Standards for securing load units
    • Active forces
    • EUMOS 40509, DIN 55415, other standards
    • Test method for determining load unit stability
  • Legal basis
    • StVO, HGB, OWiG
    • DGUV
    • EU Directive 2014/47
    • Possible legal consequences

We use practical examples to explain how the settings on the stretch wrapper affect load unit securing.

This includes:

  • Reasons for adjusting the wrapper settings
  • Effects of adjusting the pre-stretching
  • Effects of adjusting the tension. 
  • Preventive measures
Packaging Solution Center of envirogroup GmbH Haiger


The Packaging Solution Center is therefore not only a place for optimization, but also a place for training. Uniquely, you will find a high-quality training room right next to our packaging systems and testing technologies - this is how theory and practice merge. In our training courses, participants are introduced step by step to the world of stretch film by explaining how stretch film works using practical examples, explaining the characteristics of high-performance film and providing an overview of testing methods and optimization options. 

Participants will also learn about standards such as EUMOS 40509 and DIN 55415 and experience how our packaging optimizers use acceleration tests to demonstrate how even small changes to the wrapper settings can have a serious impact on pallet stability.

The Packaging Solution Center not only allows analyzing, designing, optimizing and implementing, but also provides training and know-how. After all, the solutions that are created here must ultimately work for you on site, and this works best and most sustainably if everyone involved has a proper understanding of packaging and pallet stability.

Are you interested in a taking your knowledge of load stability to an expert level? Send us an inquiry