Important guidelines for load securing

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stretch film testing system (2)


Setting the stretch wrapper

Our packaging optimizers and application engineers are not only experts in stretch film, but are also very familiar with the operation of stretch wrappers from all common manufacturers and types...
Securing loads on pallets


Load securing for freight forwarders

The job of freight forwarders is to transport loads from A to B - safely and reliably. For them, transport damage not only means trouble with broken goods, but also a direct risk to...

DIN554145 Pallet stability


DIN 55415 - Testing of loading units for transportation

DIN 55415 is a standard which at first glance promises the same as EUMOS 40509, but actually has some important differences...

Transport damage on a pallet: carton and film damaged


How can transport damage be effectively minimized?

Transport damage not only results in damaged goods, but also means a loss of time, energy and money...



What is EUMOS 40509?

§22 of the German Highway Code requires that loads be loaded safely in accordance with the recognized rules of technology. Many people think primarily of load securing, i.e. securing the pallet on the truck...


Pallet stability - Important information for sufficient stability of your pallets

You usually realize only when it is already too late, how important pallet stability is...

Load unit stability of palletized goods


Load unit protection: what is it and how can it be properly checked?

Optimal load unit securing includes not only the wrapping of the pallet...