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A PET bottle has a long, adventurous life. After production, it sets off on a long journey, initially still empty, past filling plants, distribution centers, and a wide variety of sales outlets all over the world. Stable, durable and light - these are the characteristics of the PET bottle. But it only reveals its true power when the last drop has been drunk and thirst has been quenched. Because now the PET bottle can be recycled. Many PET bottles then become PET bottles again. But some of them also take a completely different path - and become ZeroTape®rPET packaging tape.

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But some of them also take a completely different path - and become ZeroTape®rPET packaging tape.

Because sustainability requirements have long since reached our packing stations. More and more companies are moving away from classic packaging tapes made of PVC, as these are harmful to dispose of and release toxic gases when incinerated. But even packing tapes made of PP are not always up to today's sustainability efforts. We now offer sustainability-conscious companies a true alternative: ZeroTape® rPET.

What does rPET mean?

The backing material of ZeroTape® rPET tape is polyethylene terephthalate, or PET for short. 85% of the backing of ZeroTape® rPET consists of recycled PET, making this tape a uniquely sustainable solution. Conventional packaging tapes made of PVC or PP consist of 100% virgin material and thus consume fossil, non-renewable raw materials in their production. The new tape made from recycled PET, on the other hand, consists of 85% raw material, which has already been used up to twenty-five times in the form of a PET bottle.

Is rPET a high-quality material?

The recycled PET is a very strong, tear-resistant and durable material. This gives the packaging tape the enormous advantage that the backing of the adhesive tape can be produced very thin and still be stable. With ZeroTape® rPET we are thus able for the first time to put 200 meters of tape on one roll - more than three times as much as with conventional packaging tape. Anyone who previously needed 6 pallets  of packing tape now only needs two.  

This not only saves transport and storage costs, but also purchasing processes and an immense number of roll cores. ZeroTape® rPET is therefore not only worthwhile from the point of view of sustainability, but also brings other unique advantages.


Is paper tape sustainable?

Many companies have transitioned to paper tape in order to pack plastic-free, often because paper tape has this unique, sustainable look. Paper tape is made from a renewable raw material, is recyclable and therefore, as far as the material is concerned, sustainable. However, no CO2 savings can be achieved with paper tape, as paper tape is up to three times thicker than PP or PVC packaging tape. This results in very material-intensive packaging. In addition, paper tape will never have the same stability and tear resistance as PP or PVC packing tape.

With ZeroTape® rPET tape, we offer a true, sustainable alternative  to conventional packing tape, as it is made from at least 85% recycled material while maintaining excellent quality. In addition, the packaging tape is part of the ZeroTape® system, ensuring uniquely ergonomic packagingfor happier, healthier and more productive employees.

Contact our packaging optimizers today to make ZeroTape® rPET part of your sustainable packaging concept.