After 100 years, finally a
solution for efficient bonding

The unique, ergonomic packing tape system

A completely new tape system now revolutionizes work in the packing room! Gone are the days of aching wrists - with the ZeroTape
dispenser you seal boxes effortlessly and comfortably.

These are the advantages offered by ZeroTape® compared to conventional packaging tape systems

ergonomic: wrist-friendly due to 75 % less wrist stretching

performant: 3 x less roll change, 3 x less storage space

light: 25% less weight, compared to conventional dispensers

safe: easy blade change due to new click system and safety tooth knife

Comfortable: ventilated handle, robust housing, quiet running

Wrist measurement by zerotape from the uni siegen

NEW: ZeroTape® Paper

The new paper adhesive tape with sustainable Natural rubber (solvent) adhesive.
  • 70 meters/roll = fewer roll changes
  • Very high adhesive strength
  • 120 μ total thickness

NEW: ZeroTape® rpet

Particularly sustainable ZeroTape® packing tape made from recycled material.
  • 200 meters per roll - for even fewer roll changes!
  • PET carrier with 85% post-consumer recycled (PCR) material
  • 33 μ Total thickness

Short video: ZeroTape® rPET

The most sustainable solution

The special ZeroTape
Roll cores can be returned to us and we reuse them. This way we close the loop and make a greater contribution to the environment!

now also available printed

Put your logo and design on the unique ZeroTape® packing tapes. This way you combine ergonomic work relief with cost-effective advertising, already while shipping!

ZeroTape® 300, ZeroTape® Paper and ZeroTape® rPET packaging tapes can be printed with up to 3 colors.

Ergonomics and the human body

During the development of ZeroTape
very special attention was paid to ergonomics and the people themselves.

With the ZeroTape® dispenser, the strain on the wrist is reduced by more than 75%. In addition, the weight of the ZeroTape® dispenser has been reduced by 25% compared to conventional dispensers.

comparison wrist flexion of standard hand dispenser and zerotape hand dispenser
comparison muscle strain standard hand dispenser vs. zerotape hand dispenser
Safety at work, on the other hand, has been significantly increased, as the dispenser has a special click system, which makes every blade change absolutely safe, fast and easy. ZeroTape® has been thoroughly tested in cooperation with the University of Siegen.Read more


ZeroTape® 400:  48 mm x 150 m, XHT-90 adhesive, 43 µ total thickness ZeroTape® 400:  72 mm x 100 m, XHT-90 adhesive, 43 µ total thickness ZeroTape® 500:  48 mm x 150 m, natural rubber adhesive, 43 µ total thickness ZeroTape® 700:  48 mm x 150 m, XHT-90 adhesive, 48 µ total thickness ZeroTape® Paper:  48 mm x 70 m, natural rubber adhesive, 120 µ total thickness ZeroTape® rPET:  48 mm x 200 m, hotmelt adhesive, 33 µ total thickness
ZeroTape 400 in transparent

ZeroTape® 400

ZeroTape 500 transparent adhesive tape

ZeroTape® 500

ZeroTape Paper Adhesive Tape

ZeroTape® Paper

ZeroTape 400 in transparent

ZeroTape® 400 - 72 mm

ZeroTape 700 transparent

ZeroTape® 700

ZeroTape rPET adhesive tape transparent sustainable

® rPET

ZeroTape® How-To Video Series


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