The sustainable paper cushioning system.

Polsterboss paper cushion dispenser for the table and for the floor or as a handy paper box.

Why pad with paper?

Paper cushioning systems are unbeaten in their properties as a packaging material. Cost-effective and environmentally friendly, they offer ideal cushioning properties, optimum void fill and therefore the best transport protection. The small and handy POLSTERBOSS ® Polsterbox fits ideally on any packing table - or simply underneath. The POLSTERBOSS® wrapping paper dispensers have been specially developed for the simple and fast production of wrapping paper. The quick and easy start-up results in high flexibility.


  • shock absorbing
  • moisture/liquid absorbent
  • flexible applicable
  • Suitable for pointed / sharp-edged goods
  • Suitable for air freight
  • Suitable for long term storage

and has the

highest recycling rate among packaging materials 

The Polsterboss® System

Polsterboss Polsterbox


  • Cushioning for up to 1,000 packages
  • efficient, small and therefore space-saving
  • handy and flexible
  • perfect for the small packing space
  • 100 % waste paper
Polsterboss stand for wrapping paper

Polsterboss® FIRST

  • Fast implementation
  • Flexible movable
  • extremely stable base plate
  • Roll change in seconds
  • tilt and height adjustable
Polsterboss table version


  • Fast implementation
  • Flexible height adjustable
  • Individually adjustable tilt
  • Maximum packing volume with minimum storage space
  • Quick roll change