The new generation of air cushion systems.

ProtectAir air cushion machine with paper air cushion

ProtectAir air cushion machines

Air cushion machine ProtectPlus and ProtectAir

ProtectAir® Plus

Supply up to 4 workstations with air cushions. Whether small cushions or wide mats, the ProtectAir
PLUS shows excellent performance in all areas.

ProtectAir® Premium

The product of ongoing development of the already proven ProtectAir
PREMIUM. Produce sustainable air cushions even faster and more efficiently.

Our sustainable air cushions

ProtectAir climate film for air cushions


100% Climate Partner certified
100% for the environment

The ProtectAir® ClimaFilm air-cushion pads are produced with a recycled content of over 53%, for the most part directly from the disposal paths of end users.

By supporting certified rainforest projects, we offset 100% of the CO2 footprint from manufacturing.

ProtectAir Clima 100 climate neutral air cushion film for air cushion machines


100% Climate Partner certified
100% recycled content

Made from 100% recycled polyethylene. Up to 82% of this is post-consumer recycled (PCR), which is obtained from household waste. The CO2 emissions that are nevertheless generated during film production are offset with the help of climate protection projects.


ProtectAir Bio air cushions and air cushion mats with air cushion machine.


100% biodegradable

Our organic air cushions are a sustainable cushioning material made from renewable raw materials. Potato starch forms a significant contribution to the environment. What's more, the film can be easily composted in the organic waste garbage can and thus disposed of without leaving any residues.

ProtectAir®Paper air cushion

With ProtectAir
Paper, we are breaking completely new ground in environmental protection. The air cushion chain made from 100% recycled paper chain is powerful and ecologically beneficial. a clear statement on sustainability.

Thanks to the ultra-thin compostable sealing layer, no aspect of recycling is negatively affected. Our ProtectAir
Paper has an outstanding environmental performance.
ProtectAir Paper cushion machine from envirogroup

ProtectAir® S

Our standard cushions with reduced thickness.
Less material used = more sustainability.

  • 100% recyclable material
  • Film thickness only 15 μm
  • High amount of meters per roll.
  • Perforated for detaching
  • Made in Germany

Available in many different formats, as cushion chains and mats.


ProtectAir cushions and mats with sustainable properties

ProtectAir® special films

ProtectAir ESD Jumbo Rolls

Esd air cushion

The ProtectAir
ESD air bubble chains are ideal for packaging and shipping sensitive electronic products, as they can dissipate electrostatic charges through their surface.

Jumbo rolls

When packaging your goods, the ProtectAir
air cushion chains are ideal for filling a wide variety of cavities. For the use of the Jumbo roll, the ProtectAir
large roll holder for the ProtectAir
Air cushion machine is needed.

Individually configured

The ProtectAir® system is a highly sustainable solution because it is 90% air cushioned! With over 35 compatible films, the optimal solution can be found for every application.

We provide you with consumables, air cushioning machines and integration solutions individually tailored to your packaging process. Contact us, our packaging optimizers will be happy to create your optimization concept!
ProtectAir system with many accessories