ProtectFill automatic paper padding machine for experts


For efficient production of environmentally friendly filling material - even in small spaces!

Optimal for cushioning and filling voids within packaging!

With ProtectFill
you produce environmentally friendly filling material directly at the packing station. At up to 1.7 m/s, the innovative system works extremely fast, ensuring you maximum efficiency at the workplace. Due to its small size, ProtectFill® is suitable for almost any packing station. The double-walled housing guarantees very quiet operation. The system is available as a stand-alone or tabletop version and can be very easily integrated into existing packing stations.
Protect Fill paper machine for the production of environmentally friendly paper cushions

With ProtectFill®, you can optimize your packaging processes, reduce the workload of your employees, and increase packaging performance at the same time. This saves you space, time and costs. The tilt-adjustable paper outlet and the foot switch enable ergonomic working at the packing station.

Thanks to the antistatic effect of paper, you can also use ProtectFill® to package electronic items without hesitation.