ProtectWrap paper device
Brown honeycomb paper on the ProtectWrap paper padding machine

Protect fragile items in the box, completely without plastic and highly efficient.

Due to the honeycomb shape, the paper layers seal together and form a protective cover around the product. This allows you to achieve a high cushioning effect with less material and significantly reduce process costs.

The use of tape and scissors is eliminated and little storage space is required. Produce protective and environmentally friendly padding for your goods in seconds!

With ProtectWrap you get...

  • very high cushioning effect with low material usage and less storage space.
  • an environmentally friendly and recyclable padding system with biodegradable components.
  • an extreme time reduction, eliminating the use of tape and scissors.
  • a high-quality unboxing to increase customer satisfaction.
  • a system in which goods are simultaneously protected from each other and from external influences.
ProtectWrap application example

The ProtectWrap system is available with brown or white paper and an additional paper layer.
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