Maximum efficiency and load safety at minimum consumption.

Platinum Stretch Rolls

Stretch film optimization at Hochwald Foods


The first high-performance stretch film with 30% recycled content

Advantages of the Platinum Stretch stretch film
PLATINUM STRETCH® Recy is a high-quality 15 µm high-performance film containing 30% recycled material from industrial waste. Extremely puncture and tear resistant, Platinum Recy guarantees maximum load security. Our special technology ensures quality consistency for each film roll.


Reduce your material use and do more for the environment with recycled film. Packaging optimization for us means assessing where reducing material or using recycled material contributes more to your sustainability goals. With PLATINUM STRETCH® Recy, we have combined both in one product. A high-performance stretch film that is doubly innovative for the environment!
Special features of Platinum Stretch film

NEW: Platinum Stretch® Organic

Sustainable high-performance stretch film on organic basis

◽ partly made out of organic raw materials/wood waste ◽ 100 % recyclable The PLATINUM STRETCH
Bio combines two very important aspects in one product like no other film. It is a high-performance film for maximum load security with minimal film use, and it is extremely environmentally friendly.
Bio Platinum compostable stretch film
33-layer Nano stretch film
Due to the special composition of the 33 or 55 layers within the film, PLATINUM ® Bio can be stretched over 400%. At this low thickness, PLATINUM STRETCH® is still incredibly puncture-resistant at sharp edges and ensures high pallet stability. Due to the organic raw materials used in production, fewer fossil raw materials (crude oil) are used, thus protecting the environment.
Stretching line for pallets

The ultimate high performance stretch film for power stretching systems

- the new high-performance stretch film has been specially developed for bulk consumers. It guarantees wrapping on fully automatic machines at high speeds, as well as high load security and efficiency with low consumption.

Highest quality raw materials

is produced from the highest quality raw materials on state-of-the-art German equipment. Special technology ensures excellent quality as well as quality consistency for each film roll. This makes PLATINUM STRETCH
unique and outstanding compared to all other stretch films on the market.
Platinum stretch-min
envirogroup tests and measures pallet stability

State of the art manufacturing technology

Consistent quality is ensured by the Film Performance Monitor. The FPM is completely integrated into the automation of the line. The data from the FPM is continuously recorded over the entire film width during film production. Each roll produced is given a unique identification code and provided with the cumulative FPM quality data. This data can be scanned and analyzed by the laboratory to ensure high quality.