Stretch Safe 100% PCR Film

Machine film made of 100 % POST-CONSUMER RECYCLATE

Stretch Safe machine film 100% recyclate, sustainable, eco-friendly machine film.

The environmental balance of stretch films is a major issue, because of course no product made from fossil raw materials can be completely CO2-neutral. The most successful method of countering this problem to date is to reduce film consumption. If the consumption of stretch film is greatly reduced through optimization, thishas a very positive effect. However, for some years now, particularly future-oriented innovations have been on the horizon, which, driven by high market demand, are making great strides in development at an astonishing speed. And one of these has now made the step to physical reality.

Stretch Safe 100 % PCR machine film to reduce film waste

We introduce: The STRETCH SAFE 100% PCR machine film!

This innovation in the packaging market opens up an exciting new field. This is because this machine stretch film for specific areas of application is made exclusively from so-called post-consumer recyclate (PCR), thus breaking with fossil resources as a raw material. This makes the film very climate-friendly through its saving of resources, as not a drop of oil is extracted from our planet for this film. Used films from agriculture are used for the production. These are cleaned, shredded and melted down to be processed into granules. These are then used to produce Stretch Safe 100% PCR machine stretch film.

Like all other machine films, Stretch Safe 100% PCR has a specific field of application. Unlike conventional stretch films, which are made from unused raw material (so called virgin films), Stretch Safe 100% PCR is more grayish in color and unrolls more noisily. With its 150% stretch potential, it is recommended for use on semi-automatic and turntable wrappers. However, it is difficult to make blanket statements because, especially in the area of machine film, many factors such as the nature of the pallet, goods and stretch wrapper must be taken into account when choosing the right film. This is why individual advice from a packaging optimizer is recommended in order to achieve the best results for you in terms of sustainability and efficiency in film application. Incorrect application can easily result in far too much material being consumed, which would unbalance the carbon footprint of Stretch Safe 100% PCR.

Testing of Stretch Safe machine film made from recycled material by envirogroup employees in Haiger

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