Reforestation: Visit of the mayor of Haiger

envirogroup is doing research and the mayor of Haiger pays a visit
18.01.2022 | Company News |

PROJECT: Reforesting local forests - A project from the region for the region

Together with the companies from our region and the city of Haiger, we take responsibility and plant 10 trees in our local forests for every pallet of stretch film delivered. Our goal is to sustainably rebuild the forest, which has been severely affected by the bark beetle, with the project "Reforesting local forests".

Mayor of Haiger visits the forest on the Kalteiche
Mayor of Haiger and the management on the way to the forest section where the envirogroup is reforesting

"It's great to see how many Haiger companies support our city in a variety of ways. And the Enviro Group's idea is particularly original," said Mayor of the City of Haiger Mario Schramm after his visit to us at Kalteiche. He had the project and the environmental activities of the envirogroup presented to him together with Sebastian Biener (graduate forestry engineer) and the head of the building department, André Münker.

"We are really excited about this initiative. With this concept, the Enviro Group is making a great contribution to environmental protection and is handling the available resources responsibly," praised Mayor Schramm. The forest primarily serves for the recreation of people and has long since ceased to be an economic focus. The goal of the city of Haiger is to plant timber on "bark beetle areas" in order to secure the future of the forest. After all, Haiger is known as a "city in the green center" - the share of forest area is 64 percent.

"As there are currently no efficient alternatives to stretch films on the market, we are focusing on using as little film as possible while at the same time improving the packing result," explained Daniel Brusius. We carry out the relevant load unit tests directly on site at the customer's premises under real conditions with our mobile test center, document them and create an optimization concept tailored to the requirements.

Would you like to participate? Request a free stretch film optimization from us and we will help you to protect the environment with less stretch film, increase pallet stability and reduce costs at the same time. 

Please feel free to contact us via our contact form or directly by phone +49 2773 74780-0.

Mayor of Haiger climbs the test truck, which can measure the pallet stability
Daniel Brusius and the mayor of Haiger talk about the envirogroup test truck
The mayor of Haiger stands in the envirogroup's mobile test center on Kalteiche
Management of the envirogroup and the mayor of Haiger stand in front of the test truck

Our goal is for more companies from the region to participate in the "reforesting local forests" project. Together with other companies, we can do even more for the forest in our region.