Information on the current market situation

Building of the envirogroup on the Kalteiche in Haiger
18.03.2022 | Company News |

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

due to the current situation we share with you some important information within the framework of our cooperation.

We are deeply dismayed by the events currently taking place in Ukraine. As part of our aid projects, we responded immediately and donated all the packaging material for over 8,000 aid packages to mobilize urgently needed relief supplies. 

As our key business partner, it is important for you to know that we do not source goods from Ukraine, Republic of Belarus or Russia. However, the effects of the war have far-reaching consequences that significantly influence global supply chains, raw material, energy and transport prices and bring with them many uncertainties. Sharply rising prices, especially in the transportation and energy sectors, are already leading to short-term price increases. 

It is important now that your goods availability is secured. We have extensive stocks to ensure a stable supply of goods even in the short term in this exceptional situation. For the future, however, it is important to act now and order appropriate goods so that productions can stock raw materials and plan production cycles. Please do not hesitate to contact your personal contact person. He or she will discuss solutions with you so that you can continue to pack reliably.

If there are any changes in the market that lead to further impairments, we will inform you proactively.

We are here for you in this turbulent time and hope the war will end soon.

Nils and Daniel Brusius