Innovation Award Ergonomics 2023 - we won!

ZeroTape Innovation Award Ergonomics 2023

01.06.2023 | Company News | 

Innovation Award Ergonomics 2023 - we won! 

"75% less strain on muscles in arm, hand and shoulder joints. No more sore wrists, faster work, 3 times the tape length, faster roll changes and less core waste." These are the benefits of ZeroTape!

This year, for the fifth time, the winners for the Innovation Award Ergonomics 2023 were awarded by a qualified jury of the IGR (Institute for Health and Ergonomics). 

We are excited to announce: We are this year's honored laureates!  All manufacturers, developers or designers who stand for holistic ergonomic concepts were eligible to compete for the award.  

The "Ergonomics Innovation Award" stands for particularly innovative achievements in the field of ergonomics. In addition to the product itself, attention is paid to the active promotion of employee health, safety and welfare in the company (e.g. providing an ergonomic workplace).  

Award Innovation Prize Ergonomics 2023

We are very happy about this award! Our goal and motivation is to continue to make work in the packing rooms easier, more sustainable and more efficient. 

Ergonomics in the packing room 

New ergonomic products and concepts are being developed in many areas and industries. It is important to know that ergonomics means adapting working conditions to people and not vice versa. 

We have made it our goal to make work in the packing room easier, and in doing so we have paid particular attention to ergonomics. With our unique ergonomic packaging tape dispenser ZeroTape® we have addressed a well-known problem: Painful hand and arm joints during the packing process.  


Every employee in packaging is familiar with it: Every day, as many packages as possible have to be picked as quickly as possible. In the process, it is mainly the hands, arms and shoulders that are strained. Sealing the cartons with a packing tape dispenser is particularly demanding on the hand and arm muscles. Such an activity can cause intial health problems after only a short span of time. This problem is a thing of the past with our specially developed ZeroTape® packaging tape dispenser. The light but stable dispenser makes working much easier due to its ergonomic design. 75% less strain on the muscles in the arm, hand and shoulder joints. No more aching wrists, faster work and a 3-fold tape length allow faster roll changes and less core waste.  

Many companies are already using the dispenser to make work easier for their employees, to increase their well-being and thus their satisfaction, and to minimize the number of sick days caused by muscle and joint complaints. 


Would you like to learn more about ZeroTape and ergonomics at the packing station? Click here for our current webinar in which Prof. Dr. Ing. Kluth from the University of Siegen and Christian Schröder present a study on ZeroTape and focus in particular on workload reduction and ergonomics.