New trees on the Kalteiche: Restoring our local forests

planted tree of the envirogroup at the Kalteiche
01.12.2022 | Company News |

Employees of the envirogroup at the project: Reforesting native forests in the forest with a shield

A project from the region for the region.

Together with the companies from our region and the city of Haiger, we are taking responsibility and have once again planted new seedlings this year as part of the "Reforesting local forests" project.
The aim of the project, which was launched last year, is to sustainably rebuild the forest, which has been badly affected by the bark beetle.

This year, the STI Group was also involved in the campaign and planted 200 seedlings on the Kalteiche. "I am pleased that the project was carried out again in 2022 and that the STI Group is now also participating in it, thus making a major contribution to environmental protection. Together we are committed to ecologically sustainable forests," said Tizian Verheul.

The aim of the city of Haiger, he said, was to plant trees on "bark beetle areas" in order to secure the future of the forest. To ensure diversity, sweet chestnuts and wild cherries were planted in addition to field maple.

Jasper Schlaudraff, Natalja Henzel and Tizian Verheul plant seedlings in the native forests of Haiger on behalf of the envirogroup
the envirogroup team plants trees on the Kalteiche in Haiger
purchased tree seedlings from envirogroup Haiger lie on a trailer
Man from the forest Haiger helps to plant the tree seedlings correctly
Forest Haiger STI tree of envirogroup
planted seedlings of the envirogroup on the Kalteiche in Haiger
Project reforestation of native forests - envirogroup

Our goal is for more companies from the region to participate in the "reforesting local forests" project. Together with other companies, we can do even more for the forest in our region.

In addition to our commitment to the local forests, we are also strongly committed to sustainable and low-resource packaging materials. Since there are currently no efficient alternatives to stretch film on the market, we focus on using as little film as possible while improving the packaging result. We carry out the relevant tests directly on site at the customer's premises under real conditions with our mobile test center, document them and draw up an optimization concept tailored to the requirements.

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